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Google The tech giant Google founded itself in smartphone business as of 2010. Google had started journey with Nexus line running pure Android Operating System while the hardware had been assembled by other manufacturers like HTC. Nexus was only Google’s flagship line at that time. In 2013, Google had introduced Pixel lineup and the first product was Chromebook Pixel (a tablet). Later on, Google acquired the HTC design team and shifted the Nexus smartphone business to Pixel sub-branding. Google Pixel was the first phone (assembled by Google) in 2016. Today, Google is launching Pixel smartphones with the same, common characteristic – no overlay on Android OS. Google Pixel mobiles use Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets only. There are two Pixel smartphones Google must launch every year along with the launch of its newest Android OS. Hence, Google mobiles become the first to receive latest security patches and software updates. The latest launch pattern of Google Pixel phones is as below. Google standard Pixel XL and non-XL smartphones arrive in the fourth quarter of the year. The Pixel XL is the best mobile series by Google while non-XL is the upper mid-range devices or you can call it semi-flagship, following the XL though not same. These devices have strong build quality, most powerful Qualcomm chipset, best cameras, and massive memory. Pixel 4 and 4 XL are the newest Google flagship smartphones. Google Pixel A-suffix series is the line of affordable Google smartphones with promising features. Pixel A-tagged cell phones provide though same good build quality, newest Android OS, but they compromise on chipset (using second standard Qualcomm SoC). Memory is sufficient, fine camera, and good battery life. Pixel 3a and 3a XL are the latest smartphones by Google.
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